Locally written book is one-stop-shop for property conveyancing

Two Mackay solicitors have made life a whole lot easier for Queensland’s real estate agents after authoring a comprehensive reference book that navigates the complexities of buying and selling properties in Queensland.

Agent’s Handbook (Qld) is a complete guide for real estate agents and people acting for themselves in the buying and selling of property.

Co-author and principal and state manager of Statewide Conveyancing, Roland Taylor, said the book was the result of five years of work.

“It began as a compilation of the many notes from seminars I have presented to real estate agents over the years,” he explained.

“Together with senior lawyer, Kane Williams, I have condensed the notes into an easy-to-read format that is a one-stop-shop for real estate agents.”

Mr Taylor said the book was written to be as practical and useful as possible.

“By using actual and hypothetical examples, and plenty of handy tips, the book is able to clearly explain the law, making it an invaluable reference for agents.

“The book will significantly reduce the amount of time agents dedicate to researching legal issues,” he said.

Agent’s Handbook (Qld) was published in May by leading national law publishers Thomson Reuters Legal Australia and has already been picked up as a legal text book at James Cook University.

“We’re extremely proud of the book and the response it is already receiving from the industry,” Mr Taylor said. “We hope it will continue to be an asset to agents for many years to come.”

The book covers key aspects of real estate law including:

  • Preparing contracts
  • Understanding body corporates
  • Leasehold land trusts
  • Self-managed superannuation trusts
  • Misrepresentation
  • Agreements to rent and buy
  • Trust accounts, employment issues, privacy and much more.

The book can be purchased online at www.legal.thomsonreuters.com.au