Parenting arrangements over the school holidays

With school holidays fast approaching, here are some tips and reminders to avoid conflict to ensure your children don’t have to endure battling parents:

  • “The Golden Key” – Communication. Don’t expect the other parent to understand what you want without explaining it to them. Be concise, clear and courteous in your communications.
  • “Give & Take” – Compromise. It can’t always be about what YOU want.
  • “Love, not war” – Don’t fight or argue in front of the children. Remind yourself that these are adult issues – the children are innocent in this scenario and do not need to be involved in your discussions.
  • “The Bronze Star Medal” – Be civil. Sometimes there is merit in being the bigger person.
  • “As the Scouts Say…” – Be prepared. If you plan on travelling with the children over the school holiday period, make sure that you have communicated with the other parent about this as early in the year as possible. If you have an order, ensure that those arrangements abide by the terms of that order.
If you haven’t done so, we strongly recommend that you formalise your parenting arrangements to reduce conflict in future. Contact us to talk about your options.