Property Settlements

Following the break down of your relationship, there are a number of services that we provide to assist in the settlement of your property.

Property settlements can include a wide range of property including:

  • The family home
  • Investment properties and shares
  • Trusts, companies and partnership structures
  • Businesses and farming enterprises
  • Superannuation

There are many factors to consider with property and financial settlements including contributions during the relationship (both financial and non-financial) and future needs, including ongoing care of children or other people, earning capacity and other financial resources available.

We can help you to reach an agreement about a financial settlement and will talk to you about the best way of achieving an agreement in your particular situation. We can then prepare the documents required to finalise the property settlement so that you are protected from any claims in the future.

Unfortunately, sometimes an agreement cannot be reached about property settlement matters, and in those situations proceedings may be necessary and we will use our skills and experience to represent you to achieve the best possible outcome.