Top tips for home buying in the summer


It is that time of year when things are starting to heat up; here are some of our top tips when you are looking at a residential property to buy during the summer months:

1. Air-conditioners – check if the property has air-conditioning. Consider if the owner has serviced the units frequently; be prepared that some of the units may need replacing.  There is no specific clause in the standard form contract that requires electrical items to be in working order.
2. Pool – if the property has a pool consider:
a. Is the pool fence compliant with pool fencing requirements?
b. Does the owner have a copy of the relevant final inspection certificate for the pool installation?
c. Ensure that the pool accessories – such as cleaner, umbrella etc are included on the contract as items that need to stay.
d. Consider if the pool pump, cleaner or chlorinator are in good working order. As for the air-conditioners above, be prepared that some items may need replacing.
3. Sand-flies/mosquitos – go and drive through the neighbourhood at different times of the day – is the property in an area which has a problem with sand-flies or mosquitos – consider if this matters to you? 
4. Breeze/Heat – consider the aspect of the home – are any of the living areas on the eastern or western side of the home; what about the outdoor living spaces – consider when you will be using them and if it will suit your needs.
5. Solar panels – does the property have solar panels? Consider:
a. Have the panels ever been cleaned?
b. Does the seller have a contract with a supplier?
6. Bushfire Codes – if you are buying vacant land you may fall within the local Council’s bushfire planning code. You need to ensure that you have obtained the right advice in ensuring that your property is compliant – which may increase build costs.
7. Trees – Those lovely big trees may be a feature of the property, but consider:
a. Are they overhanging the boundary?
b. Are they going to cause issues with pipes?
c. Are they likely to damage the property during storms?
d. What is going to be the cost to remove them?
These are just our quick hot tips that you might not have considered during the summer months when purchasing a property. There are a number of other considerations and we recommend that you have your contract reviewed by your legal representative prior to signing.